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Direct assembly with snap-fit in EPP foams

- EPPsys DR features all positive assembly characteristics of the EPPsys D screw
- Easy, subsequent attachment of EPP parts to thin-walled components
- Easy and secure snap-fit of the mounted parts
- Large clamping thickness range
- Axial tolerance compensation within the clamping thickness range
- Radial tolerance compensation
- Weight savings due to used plastic material
- Recyclable

Direct assembly with snap-fit in EPP foams
The EJOT® EPPsys DR ("Direktverschraubung" = direct assembly / "Rasthaken" = snap-fit) combines all advantages of the EPPsys D with an alternative for subsequent component attachment. Additional snap-fit hooks facilitate easy and secure fastening of thin-walled components to the EPPsys component, for example sheets or plastic parts with a wall thickness between 0.8 and 2.2 mm.